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On April 26 ~ 28, anda automation attended the industry watches the 26th China international electronic production equipment and microelectronics exhibition (NEPCON China 2016) in the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall 1 and 2 closed victoriously pavilion. The exhibition was made by NEPCON China 2016 and c-touch 2016 Shanghai international full-touch exhibition, which made a major breakthrough in the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors. With nearly a thousand exhibitors from hundreds of countries and regions around the world, the group has witnessed the highest level of electronic manufacturing industry carnival in Asia. According to preliminary estimates, more than 26,000 elite and professional buyers will be flocking to NEPCON China 2016, a far higher number of visitors than last year. It is sufficient to prove that NEPCON China 2016 has become the leading electronic manufacturing communication platform in the asia-pacific region.

In the NEPCON China 2016 expo, anda automation in Shanghai world expo pavilion show the high precision dispensing efficient series products: I - Jet6 (PS - 8200, DJ - 01 type dispensing needle valve), widely used in the bottom of the filling, FPC, SMT point red glue, LED packaging such as precision dispensing occasions; The selective coating machine is also exhibited: i-coat5, i-coat6 (with the small atomization valve and the fan valve 4-valve linkage) each. The plasma machine is also on display: sp-1 (rotating head) and sssi -4T (fan inkjet). The scene has attracted many domestic and international customers to stop and consult.

At the exhibition site, many customers showed keen interest in the products of anda company.

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

We anda service personnel to customers patiently answer what they care about the product technology, and the problem of equipment price, after-sale anda professional and technical level of the company's personnel, and the big enterprise personnel business quality.

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

Exhibition site anda advertising campaign:

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

The chairman of the company of anda company to the exhibition site personally receives the clients and directs the exhibition work.

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

The media interviews the scene of the automated booth of the anda automation

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

All participants took a photo with them, and the anda automation 2016 was more than one floor

安达参加NEPCON China 2016电子展精彩回顾

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