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Preview|NEPCON Exhibition, Anda Smart is waiting for you here

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Shanghai NEPCON China Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition is about to open!

April 21-23, 2021

Will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

Anda will carry "high-speed dispensing", "precision coating", and "plasma cleaning equipment"

Show smart manufacturing solutions for fluid applications on site

Exhibitor Invitation Letter 


Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


Hall 1 1E45

Exhibition time:

April 21-23, 2021

Highlights of this exhibition



ijet-7H high speed dispenser                              ijet-11 high speed dispenser


Application scope: underfill, pin encapsulation, surface mount, stack packaging POP, dam and fill, red glue, FPC component reinforcement

Product Features:

High cost performance under high performance conditions

Non-contact injection valve to achieve a smaller dispensing diameter and a wider application field

The injection valve improves the reliability and consistency of dispensing, as well as increases productivity and material utilization

The minimum overflow width of Underfill is only 0.2mm (related to configuration and glue)

Recognize the chip body, which is more accurate than Mark point recognition and positioning

Identity recognition, automatic program call, foolproof, data statistics and other functions to realize intelligent manufacturing



iCoat-3 precision coating machine                                         iCoat-5S precision coating machine

Application scope: underfill, pin encapsulation, surface mount, stack packaging POP, dam and fill, red glue, FPC component reinforcement

Product Features:

Fast speed and stable operation

The spraying mode can be changed without interruption during work, and the efficiency is greatly improved

Flexible multi-axis control, which can realize difficult spraying of complex PCB boards

Optional four kinds of valves to meet different coating needs

Strong process control ability to ensure high quality and consistency of coating

Easily realize online selective coating function

QR code, barcode scanning, automatic program adjustment and foolproof


 AP-7 Plasma Cleaning Machine                                         VP-10L plasma cleaning machine

Applications: Printing and packaging, mobile phone computer digital, plastic, glass, electronics, automobile, medical, metal and other industries.

Product Features:

Online conveying system, which can communicate with front and back equipment

A variety of programming modes, programming methods to meet various needs

Activation: improve the adhesion of the surface, the surface energy of the object is greatly increased

Cleaning: Removal of dust and oil, fine cleaning and static elimination

Stability: continuity and constancy to maintain the stability of machinery and equipment during operation

Smart manufacturing site

Let's see it soon

Anda Smart is waiting for you in Shanghai NEPCON!


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