About Anda The most professional brand service
About Anda The most professional brand service
Thousands of waters and thousands of mountains "Zong" is love, without zongzi, it is really impossible to have a Dragon Boat Festival every year, and the annual Dragon Boat Festival for different people is coming. I hope that every Anda person can harvest the beauty and well-being of Midsummer! Dragon Boat Festival Ankang According to the national legal holiday regulations, Anda Smart hereby announces the 2021 Dragon Boat Festival holiday announcement. Dear Customer: Hello! Anda Smart’s 2021 Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangements are as follows: Holiday time: June 13, 2021 ~ June 14, 2021 when the bricks are moved continuously
2021- 07 - 06
On April 21-23, 2021, the three-day NEPCON China 2021 (the 30th China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition) officially came to an end. Looking back at the scene, it seemed that the voices of the people were still full of voices, and the exhibitors kept coming back and forth. Next, let's review the wonderful pictures of Anda Smart Booth that should not be missed. Although there is only a short exhibition time of 3 days, the Anda booth still has an endless stream of people preparing, layout, product display,
2021- 05 - 11
A few days ago, Dongguan issued an important document. The list of pilot companies of Dongguan’s "Multiple Plan" in 2021 has been released. Anda has successfully been selected as a pilot company of Dongguan’s "Multiple Plan". Employees meet the conditions and receive a minimum subsidy of 20,000 yuan. Please pay attention to the news in time. Hurry up and apply! ▼What does this list mean for a total of 458 companies in Dongguan? It's not easy! The doubling plan refers to: Dongguan selects a group of superior stock companies in accordance with the principle of “selecting the best, nurturing the best”
2021- 05 - 11
As an indispensable electronic component in modern electronic information products, PCB is widely used in downstream applications, mainly covering fields such as computers, consumer electronics, network communications, medical care, automotive electronics, and aerospace technology. Among them, the market size of computers, communications, packaging substrates and consumer electronics accounts for more than 80% of the overall PCB application market. In the future, driven by the continuous development of the global electronic information industry, the global PCB market output value is expected to reach US$60.4 billion in 2021. Born in PCB
2021- 05 - 11
From the point of view of circular dispenser manufacturers, since the beginning of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, we have achieved great victories in the fight against the "epidemic" with one heart and one mind! However, the virus has never disappeared, and the epidemic has appeared from time to time. Especially after the winter, circular dispenser manufacturers have seen imported cases of new coronary pneumonia and local cases in many places. At the same time, influenza and norovirus infections frequently occur in winter, and the epidemic prevention situation is still severe. Manufacturers of circular dispensers are focusing on the normal response to the epidemic, special
2021- 05 - 11
On the afternoon of November 19th, Deputy Mayor Luo Huanghao went to Liaobu Town to carry out special supervision on the implementation of listed company fundraising projects, the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, the Municipal Financial Bureau and other departments, and 13 related parks, towns and streets, including Songshan Lake, Shilong, Humen, Machong, Houjie, Shatian, Chang'an, Liaobu, Dalingshan, Dalang, Tangxia, Dongkeng, and Shipai participated in the supervision meeting. Deputy Mayor Luo Huanghao and his entourage first came to the listed backup enterprises in Liaobu Town
2021- 05 - 11
The precautions for the use of the silica gel dispenser are as follows: 1. The importance of the manual Before using the silica gel dispenser, please read the manual carefully to ensure that the system is used correctly. Please keep the manual properly for easy reference at any time. The overview is subject to the corresponding operating function. 2. Non-professionals are not allowed to repair and debug. Please do not repair and debug the electrical system by non-professionals. This will reduce the safety performance of the equipment, expand the failure, and even cause personal injury and damage.
2021- 05 - 11
In this rare double festival (Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day) holidays, are everyone busy checking the strategy, looking for a hotel to prepare for reunions, parties, tourism, self-driving trips, knowing that they will add traffic, add traffic, add traffic, but still can’t restrain going out during the holiday Longing? Tell you
2021- 05 - 11
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