Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

VG-01 series vacuum glue filling machine

product description: The rubber valve can support up to 48 groups working at the same time, with modular design.
Model: VG-01
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Application range:
Product features:

Using high-precision linear module XYZ platform to improve operation stability, operation accuracy 0.02mm; high-speed and efficient system to achieve higher productivity

Using industrial computer + motion control card, WINDOWS 7 operating system, fault sound and light alarm and menu display

"Online teaching", "online vision", "offline picture", "offline vision" four programming modes, programming methods to meet various needs

The multi-nozzle high-precision volumetric piston valve is used to process large quantities of materials in a short cycle time and can be filled with glue on multiple workpieces in a vacuum environment. The multi-nozzle high-precision volumetric piston valve has several functionally connected to each other. It is composed of a single glue filling head discharge port, each discharge port has a separate feed/discharge valve control and monitoring, and a common drain unit ensures the synchronization and consistent glue filling between the discharge ports Action, one or more glue filling heads can be closed by controlling a single valve, so that there is no product-style operation on some product fixtures, which is more flexible. These systems provide extremely high glue injection accuracy and long service life without relying on The number of use for a separate glue port

The valve can support up to 48 groups of work at the same time, modular design, according to production needs with different numbers of injection heads, to achieve various production needs

Equipped with automatic valve cleaning device

Equipped with SMEMA interface to communicate with other devices

Equipped with independent paint container barrel

Product advantage:
technical specifications:
Motor systemNumber of axesX、Y、Z
DriveServo motor + linear module
Maximum moving speed1000mm/S
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Number of rubber valvesPrecision metering valve4 (Max:48 Min:1)
Glue dispensing repetition accuracy0.01
Glue dispensing ratio1: 1 10:1 (support non-standard customization)
Feeding systemPrecision piston pumpA/B 90cc
Control and operating systemControlIndustrial computer + sports card
Programming modeTeaching handle / mouse key sleeve
Communication portSMEMA connector
Colloid output modeVolumetric piston type (different rubber valves can be matched according to different products)
Requirements for equipment plant areaPower SupplyAC220V 15A 50/60HZ
Barometric pressure0.6Mpa

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