Development The most professional brand service
Development The most professional brand service

SV-06 quick release screw valve

product description: There are a variety of screw spacing to choose from
Model: SV-06
application: Solder paste dispensing
Counseling hotline: 400-660-7690轉1

Application range:
Product features:

·Quick and simple replacement of screw/fluid cavity

·Separated fluid chamber component design to prevent fluid from contaminating the motor.

·Accurate weightRefolding and precise dispensing control

·Precision and wear-resistant screw/fluid cavity

·Miniature servo drive,precise flow control

·The wetted parts can be cleaned and protected without tools

·Adjustable flow rate

·Flexible needle barrel installation options

Product advantage:
technical specifications:
StructureQuick release screw valve
Control mode servo motor
Glue delivery methodScrew
Applicable rubber cylinder size5CC、10CC、30CC、50CC、150CC
Optimum viscosity range5000~1000000mPas
Minimum dispensing volume0.5ul
Feed pressure0~0.4Mpa
Flow range1.38-60ul/min
Extrusion volume per turn1.38ul

Before and after transformation:
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