Development The most professional brand service
Development The most professional brand service

Dispensing valve body JET-8600

product description: Realize high-speed and controllable capacity dispensing of a variety of fluids and adhesives
Model: JET-8600
application: Chip packaging, underfill, pin encapsulation, dam & fill, frame bonding and potting
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Application range:
Product features:

· High precision dispensing of 0.01mg level can be achieved

·Maximum dispensing speed 200 points/sec                 

·The valve head can be disassembled separately, easy and quick to maintain

· Equipped with a glue valve heating device, which can realize a variety of glue applications

·Cooperate with the dispensing platform to realize flying dispensing and improve dispensing efficiency

Product advantage:

Single mechanical part adjustment, high usability, equipped with silencing design to fully reduce noise, wetted parts are easy to disassemble, easy to clean and maintain

technical specifications:
Model numberJET-8600 
StructurePneumatic injection valve
Minimum driving air pressure0.55Mpa
Minimum dispensing diameter0.2mm
Maximum operating frequency200Hz
Optimum viscosity range1-250000mPas

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