Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

iJet-7H Dispenser

product description: Bottom filling, pin encapsulation, double valve structure
Model: iJet-7H
application: Underfill
Counseling hotline: 400-660-7690

Application range:


Pin encapsulation

Surface mount

Stack package POP

Dam and infill

Red glue

FPC component reinforcement

Product features:

High cost performance under high performance conditions

Non-contact injection valve to achieve a smaller dispensing diameter and a wider application field

The injection valve improves the reliability and consistency of dispensing, as well as increases productivity and material utilization

The minimum overflow width of Underfill is only 0.2mm (related to configuration and glue)

Recognize the chip body, which is more accurate than Mark point recognition and positioning

Identity recognition, automatic program call, foolproof, data statistics and other functions to realize intelligent manufacturing

Product advantage:

Star model

technical specifications:


iJet-7H Dispenser
Overall dimension(mm)L790×W1600×H1600
Dispensing stroke(mm)

Double rail and double valve: X: 340 Y: 220 Z: 30

Monorail single valve: X: 400 Y: 480 Z: 30

Repetition accuracy±0.01mm
Maximum moving speed1200mm/s
Maximum acceleration1.2g
Standard configuration

Electrostatic interface

LED lighting

CCD visual positioning

232 scanner socket

Jacking device


Double valve mechanism

Tetragonal tilt

Booster pump

Industrial barcode scanner

Microbalance (0.1mg)

Laser altimetry (sick)

Double track transportation

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