Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service


Product features:

1. Intelligentization - The system realizes automatic identification and automatic correction of each function module by reading the function module, and the system automatically calls the software operation of the adapted function module;

2. Modularization -  Each functional unit is packaged as an independent functional module, the software/hardware of each functional module is standardized and integrated, and the software/hardware is completely decoupled from the whole machine;

3. Universalization - The mechanical/electrical interfaces of all functional modules are all standardized, which realizes the mutual commonality of functional modules among intelligent platforms;

4. Flexibility - The smart platform can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs. Almost no need to move the machine, only need to adjust the function module, which can realize the rapid switching of the production line and the adjustment of the production line.

Product advantage:

Fast and flexible delivery 

technical specifications:
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