Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

iPot-5V Vacuum Potting Machine Series

Product features:

1. For glue supply unit with self-flowing glue.

2. Suitable for glue with high filler.

3. Complete sizing with material preparation station.

4. Glue can be routed at speeds up to 800 mm/s.

5. Can match the upstream and downstream equipment to complete the line use.

6. It has a three-axis motion platform, which can edit the path through the control software, and move in point, line, circle, arc, and other tracks according to the setting.

7. Optional imported/domestic vacuum pump, high-vacuum environment for potting.

8. Multiple mixing valves can be equipped to meet CT requirements.

9. Equipped with secondary valve to switch glue, no glue dripping, no glue leakage.

10. With cleaning function.

11. Unique industrial design look.

Product Functions:

1. Suitable for vacuum glue injection and potting process of 

 various functional modules in consumer electronics, 5G 

 communication, home appliances, biomedical, automo-tive

 electronics, new energy, and other industries.

2. Support single-carrier gluing operation.

3. Suitable for single-component, two-component, and 

 multi-component potting processes.

4. Can realize milligram level precision potting.

Product advantage:

technical specifications:
In-Line Vacuum Potting MachineOff-Line Vacuum Potting Machine
Work scope(mm)480(X)×480(Y)×300(Z)Wark scope(mm)480(X)×480(Y)×300(Z)
Movement speed(mm/s)0-500Movement speed(mm/s)0-500
Transport railDouble speed chainAmplitude modulation modeNone
Transport speed(m/min)0-12Amplitude modulation speedNone
Amplitude modulation modeNoneOperating systemPC+Motion control card
Amplitude modulation speedNoneRepeatability(mm)±0.05
Communication portSMEMA connectorMaximum moving speed(mm/s)800
Maximum height of component300Transmission modeServo motor +Ball screw
Conveying height(mm)900±20Power supplyAC380V 13kW
Operating systemPC+Motion control cardMachine dimensions(mm)1450(L)×1360(W)×1800(H)
Repeatability  (mm)±0.05weight(kg)≈950
Maximum moving speed(mm/s)800Work environmentTemperature:0-
40℃;Relative humidity;20-90%
Transmission modeServo motor +Ball screw
power supplyAC380V 13.5kW
Machine dimensions(mm)450(L)×1360(W)×1800(H)
Work ervironmentTemperature:0-40℃;
Rrelative humidity:20-90%

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