Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

iPot-5S Material Preparation Product Series

Product features:

1For glue supply unit with self-flowing glue

2. Suitable for glue with high filler 

3. Glue distribution and proportioning 

4. Real-time liquid level monitoring, automatic glue   adding, and low liquid level alarm 

5. The glue can be defoamed in vacuum, and the   vacuum value can reach 2 ~ 3 mbar 

6. Optional double piston pump/screw pump/gear   pump to meet uninterrupted glue supply 

7. Can match the upstream and downstream   equipment to complete the line use 

8. During the filling process, the preparation unit is   under negative pressure, eliminating air in the glue   and mixing without air bubbles 

9. Venting by agitation and circulation, while   preventing the glue from settling 

10. Temperature can be controlled through barrels,   pumps, and pipelines to reduce the difficulty of glue   treatment 

11. Vacuum bubble removal function.

Product advantage:

technical specifications:
Technical  Parameters:
Offline Material Preparation Machine
Operation modeSingle action/Automatic/Linkage
Operable viscosity<100000cP
Purge precision(g)±0.2
Mixing ratic1:1-10:15:1-10:1
finely adjustable
Dispensing speed(g/s)0.2-4
Operating systemPLC+Touch screen
Measurement methodServo motor +Piston pump/Screw pump/G

ear pump
Communication portIO
Operating methodFoot switch/Start switch
Power supplyAC220V 5.5kw(power may vary accor ding to
actual cofiguration)
Machine dimensions(mm)700(L)×1410(W)×2085(H)
Work environmentTemperature:O-40 ℃;
Relative humidity:20-90%

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