Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

In-Line Vacuum/Normal Pressure Potting Line

Product features:

1. Intelligent potting production line, the line includes elevator, conveyor, preheating oven, visual photography, vacuum/normal pressure potting machine, curing oven, PC +   PLC whole line control, humanized operation interface, fully intelligent production, providing customers with a complete set of automation solutions. 

2.The equipment realizes the functions of automatic identification of product model, automatic potting, automatic drying, and automatic reflow of tooling. 

3.The production line is pre-set with MES interface, which is easy to interface with the system and upload data covering production quantity, equipment anomalies, abnormal   time, etc. The whole line is equipped with a variety of imaging systems, panoramic/3D camera to automatically identify the product potting position and automatically call  out the potting procedure, automatic identification of the potting path and full-automatic potting, automatic drying of the product, automatic reflux of the workpiece   without manual intervention, thus realizing the intelligent production.

Product advantage:

technical specifications:



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