Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

iJet-7L Dispensing Machine

Product features:

Standard Features 

1. Computer control with Windows OS

2. CCD visual positioning system

3. Servo motor with ball screw

4. Inline CCD visual programming or gerber upload

5. UPS and voltage stabilizer

6. ESD grounding point

7. CE certified


Optional Features 

1. Heated valves for viscosity control

2. 35 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation

3. PCB heater enhances material flow for underfill applications

4. Precision weight measurement ensures accurate volumetric dispensing

5. Multiple valves available: Pneumatic jet valve, Slide valve and Screw valve

6. Laser height detection to calibrate Z axis automatically for component deformation

Product advantage:

1.Cost-effective with high-performance.

2.Non-contact injection valve to achieve a smaller dispensing diameter and a wider application field.

3.The injection valve improves the reliability and consistency of dispensing, also increases productivity and material utilization

4.The minimum overflow width of Underfill is only 0.2mm (related to configuration and glue)

5.Recognize the chip body, which is more accurate than Mark point recognition and positioning

6.Identity recognition, automatic program call, foolproof, data statistics and other functions to realize intelligent manufacturing

technical specifications:


iJet-7L Dispensing Machine



Dispensing areamm

Single-valve: X: 650  Y: 630  Z: 30

Repeatability (mm)


Maximum moving speed (mm/s)


Maximum acceleration (g)


Standard configuration

Electrostatic interface;  LED lighting;  CCD visual positioning

232 scanner socket;  Lifting device

Optional configuration

Booster pump;  UPS;  Voltage Regulator;  Barcode scanner

Micro-balance (0.1mg);  Laser altimetry (SICK)

Dual conveyors;  Dual-valve;  Four-direction tilt

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