Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

AMU260 High Speed Cutting Machining Center

Product features:

High rigidity,High response,High speed,High precision

AMU series vertical five-axis high-speed machining center,the bright star of modern manufacturing

industry,bring customers unprecedented machining experience with its six outstanding competitiveness: high  efficiency,intellectualization,IoT,compactness,high  precision  and  high  acceleration.

Product advantage:

Structure Determines Accuracy

-Innovative design of double-column frame structure,the benchmark of high rigidity.

-Built-in cooling design of the base for more stable accuracy.

-Advanced and innovative three-point bonded high rigidity structure.

-High accuracy and reliability with acceleration>1.2G。

Three-axis hollow screw cooling system

-Hollow screw cooling improves machining accuracy and stability.

-Servo motor cooling prevents heat  transfer.

-Bearing cooling improves positioning accuracy.

DirectDrive Tool Changer

-The 40-tool changer allows for highly efficient machining in conjunction with process flow.

-Intelligent tool selection reduces tool change time. 

-Compact design reduces maintenance rate.

20000rpm(opt 24000rpm)

High-rigidity spindle

-The bearing inner diameter of is strengthened from 40mm to 60mm with high-precision ceramie ball to improve rigidity.

-The spindle is double cooled to ensure the thermal elongation. -The locking area is increased from 135mm to 216mm in diameter  for  high-stabilty  processing.

-The high-rigidity BBT30 taper hole is more favorable for low- speed  heavy cutting.

High-and  Low-Grade  Water-

Cooled  High-Speed  Motor

-High-and  low-grade  water-cooled  motor  technology, automatic gear shift and variable speed processing.

-10Kw/35.6Nm  high-power  motor,more  favorable  for  low speed  heavy  cutting.

-Low-speed  gear automatically  switches to  high-speed  gear, wide-area  high-speed  high-precision  machining.

-Built-In Motor Spindle for high precision machining.

DirectDrive Motor Technology

-No backlash.

-Tilting axle torque up to 1050Nm and excellent acceleration.

-High-speed rotation and high-precision indexing.

-Less maintenance and longer lifespan.

23.8"Multi-touch Control Panel

-Practical and comfortable to operate 23.8"high resolution display.

-NC+PC combined with ICS for fast and easy access to parameters

and  user data.

-Larger storage space of up to  1TB.

-Program  Options:Expand  to  hard  disk,USB  and  network.

-Machining   simulation function for real-time monitoring of machining   status.

-Intuitive interactive capability with more detailed  task  list information and program information.

Multi-function Stand-alone Automation

-Built-in 10kg six-joint robot and intelligent warehouse.

-The tool magazine can expand to 140 tools,ensuring high-efficiency machining.

technical specifications:


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