Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

Digital plasma generating Power supply

Product features:

• Wide range AC voltage input 100-240VAC suitable for   different countries and regions;

• Programmable process parameter settings (frequency, power, air pressure, voltage, etc);  

• Volume power supply chassis; 

• Split-pluggable gun body connection; 

Product operating with low power consumption,   low ESD, and low noise levels; 

Automatically detects and adapts to a variety of   specifications of nozzles and gun bodies; 

Multiple safety protection alarms (voltage, gas pressure,   flow monitoring, power mismatch, RPM, overheat, overload,   flame failure, etc);

Multiple control modes: local, PLC/IO remote, RS485   communication; 

Equipped with 4.3" color touch screen for quick setting of working parameters and real-time display;

Adopt digital power supply technology, output pure sine wave  voltage.

Product advantage:

technical specifications:


Product Parameters1709102614163503.png
Overall dimensionsL450xW360×H100
Air pressure0.1-0.4
Certification standardsCCC/CE
Input voltageAC100-240V50/60Hz
 Rated power1000W
Operating frequency25-50
High voltage output9-12
  24VDC output120
 Work efficiency90%
Communication protocolRS485/CAN
Operating ambient temperature-25~45
Digital Power Efficiency90%

Application Sectors




ModelAtmospheric Pressure

Low Temperature Tip Series

Atmospheric Pressure Low 

Temperature Rotary Series

Atmospheric Pressure Low Temperature
High Speed Series (with lon Spectrum Detection)
Design independentmagnetic field,
enhance the electric field without
increasing power consumption,
making ionization more fully;

Design of air pressurized conduction
more uniform airflow and heat

Design of two-stage ignition,
gas ionization more fully,enhanced
plasma density and intensity;


Nozzle extension without pulling arc
design,the sprayedion beam is more
uniform and the temperature is more


Medium rotational rate plasma gun
produceslow temperature plasma;

Independent nozzle design for more
temperature control;

Ultra-fine cleaning and efficient
plasma activation under low thermal
effect conditions

Media flow measurement and


High rotational rate plasma gun
generating low temperature plasma;

Independent nozzle design for more tem
perature control;

Ultra-fine cleaning and efficient plasma
activation under low thermal effect

Motion and rotation speed monitoring ofthe
plasma gun;

Optional plasma for continuous
spectral monitoring;

Mediaflowmeasurement and monitoring

Split-pluggable gun body;

The product operates with low power
consumption,low ESD,and low noise

Gun rotation speed up to 6000 RPM.
More complete ionization

More uniform heat transfer

Two-stage ionization point

Temperature controllable

More uniform beam separation
  Two-stage ionization ignition

  lon beam is more uniform and full

High-speed and efficient treatment

of surfaces

More stable plasma jet direction

Nozzle Specifications

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