Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

iCoat-6 Series Precise Coating Machine

Product features:

1. Special equipment for thin film valve - high-precision spraying process with clear spraying boundary without sawtooth and splash. 

2. The dedicated non-air pressure feeding system and automatic fluid heating and filtering circulation system - ensure fluid viscosity can reduce air bubbles and provide a favorable guarantee for the best spray quality.

3. The film width laser detection system - automatically approve the film width coating fiber level sensor system.

4. Build-in spray effect detection function - manually detect the spray quality in real time.

Product advantage:

1. Fast speed and stable operation;

2. Greatly improving efficiency.Spraying mode can be changed without interruption during work. 

3. Flexible multi-axis control can be used to achieve complex PCB board of high difficulty spraying;

4. Four kinds of valves can be selected to meet different coating requirements;

5. Strong process control ability to ensure coating quality and consistency;

6. Easy to achieve online selective coating function;

7. Other features, including two-dimensional code, bar code scanning, automatic adjustment and anti-stay program.

technical specifications:


iCoat-6 Precise Coating Machine

Coating parameters

Working area (mm)

X=360;  Y=450;  Z=100

Maximum components 

height (mm)


PCB Edge clearance(mm)

≥ 5

Single Spray Width (mm)


Transmission System

Process flow

Left→right ( standard )  right→left

Conveyor height (mm)


Conveyor speed (m/min)


Conveyor Width Adjustment

Automatic (motorized)

Operation system


Special aluminum alloy conveyor + stainless steel chain

Maxium moving speed (mm/s)


Repeatability (mm)


Equipment parameters

Dimensions (mm)

L=900; W=1300; H=1675

Weight (kg)


Motor power

DC 24 V 69 W × 2

Required Air pressure (Mpa)

≥ 0.4

Exhaust air volume (m3/min)


Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz

Rated power (kw)


Control and operation 



Industrial personal computer + motion control cards


Anda user interface software with Windows


Keyboard / mouse mode

Communication protocol



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