Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

ADG-5DI Five-axis Dispensing Machine

Product features:

1. WINDOWS operating system - Using computer control, fault sound and light alarm and menu display

2. CCD visual positioning system

3. Adopt linear motor + motion control card

4. Modular design -  can be combined as required, including single platform, double platform, conveying system, glue path detection system.

5. Automatic thermostatic system of valve - ensure consistent fluidity of paint

6. Optional laser height detection system - the Z axis height can be automatically calibrated after the workpiece is deformed

7. Optional precision weighing system - intelligent control and detection of dispensing volume, to ensure the consistency of dispensing

Product advantage:

technical specifications:



Dimension (mm)

L1166 * W1200 * H1600


Industrial personal computer + motion control card

Dispensing working area (mm)

X1=200; X2=200; Y=200 

Number of principle axis

5 axes

Drive mode

Linear motor (X、YAU) / Servo motor(Z)

Conveyor mode

ESD belt

Amplitude modulation mode

Electric, 50-200mm

Conveyor speed 

Stepping motor, 2-5m/min

Maximum Moving speed (mm/s)


Repeatability (mm)


Coating capacity (CC)


Communication protocol



The mounter files can be imported; Online visual programming

Input power

220V 50/60Hz

Required air (Mpa)

≥ 0.65

Rated power (kw)


Weight (kg)


Equipment alarm

Menu + Sound and light alarm

Safety standards


Glue valve selection

Pneumatic injection valve, piezoelectric valve, screw valve can be used

Options of extended function

Booster pump; UPS; Voltage Regulator; Barcode scanner

Microbalance (0.1mg); Laser altimetry (SICK)

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