Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

iPJet-C1100 Intelligent single/color inkjet printer

Product features:

1. The equipment has a high degree of standardization and can be mass-produced

2. Optional monochrome/color printing

3. Visual guided printing, placing the product in any position and always printing in the same position as the product

4. Absolutely industry first, currently there is no similar solution in the industry

5. Versatile, targeting a wide range of product fields

6. Rich optional configurations

7. Completely independent research and development, with complete independent property rights

8. Can perfectly solve many industry challenges

9. Modular design

10. High printing speed

11. It can simultaneously fly shoot visual guidance printing, fly shoot AOI, track and sort multiple products

12. Manual loading is optional for material loading, with 3D disordered simulation of manual six axis mechanical arm loading

Product advantage:

1. It can replace the nozzle like a glue dispenser, adapting to various ink and printing process requirements of customers;

2. Optional printing height up to 10 millimeters, printing resolution up to 1200 DPI, printing medium can be heated up to 150 degrees Celsius, printing medium viscosity up to 100 CPS, printing minimum ink drop 1 PL;

3. Optional printing options include water-based ink, UV ink, photoresist ink, text ink, solder mask ink, and other inks that meet the requirements of the nozzle parameters;

4. The control software, including the color RIP algorithm, is completely independently developed and has absolute independent property rights

5. Equipped with a nozzle automatic cleaning system, achieving one click automatic cleaning and eliminating labor maintenance costs;

6. Equipped with an automatic moisturizing system for the nozzle, it can automatically moisturize after printing or with just one click to ensure that the nozzle does not clog due to ink drying.

7. You can freely choose any nozzle for monochrome printing, freely control the size of ink droplets, print DPI, etc;

8. Multiple data can be imported and displayed in the form of thumbnails, and printing can be freely selected. There is a dedicated printing image display window to achieve what is seen and what is printed;

9. A concise and easy to understand software interface with clear classification, which is also easy for ordinary employees to get started. After starting the software, there is no need for any operation requirements, and it can be automatically started with just one click;

10. The printing position can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the software will automatically simulate the printing position and size, allowing you to know where to print at a glance;

11. Generate a spray hole test chart with one click and label each spray hole to provide data support for subsequent hole blockage compensation

12. Support automatic color adjustment function to help customers print the colors they want

13. Both alarm records and operation records have dedicated file records to facilitate the identification of the root cause of equipment problems;

14. The software responds quickly;

15. Comprehensive foolproof system, no matter how the operator operates under their authority, they will not collide with the machine;

16. The intelligent guidance and instruction system will display small bubbles wherever the mouse goes to indicate the operation mode and function of the current button or area;

17. It can be printed in monochrome or color according to the information.

technical specifications:


Parameter and Introduction


Parameter and Introduction

Machine model


Nozzle model



L=1400mm 、W=850mm 、H=2100mm

Minimum ink drop




Max Resolution


Control Method


Ink supply method

Continuous negative pressure ink supply

Operation SW

Anda SW+Windows

Curing Method

LED  UV curing(optional)

Programming method

PDF file or image

Maximum printing speed


Main Axis





X. Y linear module, Z servo motor+ball screw

Ink capacity



X:800mm  Y: 500mm  Z: 150mm

Ink detection


Nozzel Quantity

Standard configuration of 4 (optional)

safety standards


Max Speed




Repeat accuracy


Communication Port

SMEMA Connector

load/unload way



          AC220V  10A  50/60HZ

Work Direction

Forward and Forward

Air Pressure


Locate Mode

Carrier + Vacuum suction

Total Power


Nozzle Cleaning


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