Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

IPJet-M1200 Vision-guided Inkjet Printer

Product features:

-Completely independent research and development of the whole machine software from zero to one mode;

-Adopting a belt direct transmission and online printing mode, convenient for embedding into customer production lines;

-Adopting continuous camera flying shooting visual guidance method, no matter how the products are placed, how many products are placed, and how many kinds of products are placed, the specified content can be printed on the specified position at one time; 

-The use of continuous camera fly shooting vision AOI print quality inspection, regardless of how the product is placed, how many products are placed, how many kinds of products are placed, can be a one-time inspection of the print content is OK or NG; 

-Using a camera to fly capture ink droplets to determine whether the spray hole is blocked, making spray hole detection simple, intelligent, and more accurate;

-Intelligent nozzle closed-loop maintenance function, customizable maintenance strategy, defining how long or how much to print before visually automatically checking the clogging status of the spray hole. If any clogging is found, it will be automatically cleaned and then checked again. This cycle continues until all holes are checked OK; 

-A more user-friendly and simpler programming approach, with two-step visual guidance programming and one-step AOI printing quality detection programming; 

-Supports vision-guided online printing, as well as fixed in-line/off-line printing;

-Reserved mechanical arm interface, connecting the mechanical arm to track and sort printed products based on judgment results or product types; 

-Optional variable printing function, supporting the entire printing content to be variable and supporting the partial printing content to be variable;

-Optional color printing function. 

Product advantage:

technical specifications:
Functional ConfigurationTechnical Parameters and Descriptions
Equipment modelIPJT-M1200
Extemal dimensionsL=1900mm,W=1200mm,H=2025mm
Equipment weight800kg
Control modeIC+Board card
Running softwareAnda control software+Windows system
Progmming    modePDF file or image
Number of spindlesX.Y,Z
DriveX,Y Linear module,Z Servo motor +Ball screw
TravelX:800mm      Z:150mm
Number of nozzles supported1 as standard (optional)
Maximum belt speed500mm/s
Printing accuracy±0.2mm
Loading and unloading methodManual/Automatic
Work directionFront in &Back out
Positioning methodVisual positioning
Nozzle cleaning deviceAutomatic cleaning
Nozzle modeKyocera KJ4A-RH06(optional)
Minimum ink drop3PL(optional)
Maximum resolution600dpi(optional)
Ink supply methodContinuous negative-pressure ink supply
Curing methodLED UV curing(optional)
Maximum printing speed500MM/S
Ink colorAny color
Ink capacity1.5L
Ink detectionAutomatic detection
Safetv standardsCE
Print quality inspectionSupported
Communication portSMEMA      comector
Power supplyAC220V 25A 50/60HZ
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Total power5KW
Visual spray hole detectionSupported

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