Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

AP-7 Plasma Treatment System

Product features:

1. Stable operation - Adopt integral casting iron frame and gantry platform to improve operation stability;

2. Use WINDOWS operating system - fault sound and light alarm and menu display;

3. Variety of programming modes - programming methods to meet various needs;

4. Removal of dust and oil; 

5. Fine cleaning and static elimination; 

6. Improve surface adhesion.

Product advantage:

1. Online plasma treatment: completely automated high production atmospheric plasma treatment processing; 

2. Atmospheric pressure plasma: generate plasma solely using compressed air without the need for carrier gases;

3. Multi-functional: system can be used as standalone or placed inline with upstream or downstream operation processes;

4. Environmentally friendly: zero chemicals are used and no harmful substances are produced;

5. Cleaning: remove fine dust, oil, grease, organic, inorganic and microbial contaminants;

6. Activation: Increase surface energy to promote wetting and adhesion;

technical specifications:
Function configurationTechnical parameters
Number of axiesX、Y、Z
DriverStepping motor + synchronous belt (X/Y)
Max moving speed(mm/s)500
Positional accuracy(mm)< 0.06
Working area (mm)L320×W300 x2 
Max. conponents height(m)± 30
Number of conveyor
Amplitude modulation modeAutomatic

Amplitude modulation speed


Conveyor height (mm)900±20
Conveyor speed (m/min)2-5
Conveyor typeGreen ESD belt
Conveyor directionL → R (R → L  optional)
PCB edge space(mm)≥ 3
Maximum load4kg/m uniform distribution
Facility footprint(mm)L600×W1500×H1560
Power supplyAC220V 10A 50/60Hz
Required Air pressure (Mpa)0.6 air source
ExhaustUpward exhaust
Standard configurations

Plasma cleaning; Coston light; Conveyor belt;  Access card

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