Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

5DG-APR Automatic Plasma Treatment System

Product features:

1.  Excitation - Greatly improve the wetting performance of the surface to form an active surface;

2.  Cleaning - Removal of dust and oil, fine cleaning and anti-static;

3.  Improve surface adhesion;

4.  Improve the reliability and durability of surface bonding;

Product advantage:

technical specifications:
Function configurationTechnical parameters
Model5DG-APR Automatic Plasma Treatment System
Dimensions (mm)L=1010、W=1360、H=2020 
Weight (kg)650 
ControlPLC+ Touch screen
Conveyor Belt conveyor
Conveyor height (mm)900±20 

Stepping motor conveyor 


X、Y drive modeServomotor + ball screw
Max. moving speed (mm/s)800 
Running accuracy (mm)±0.05 

Numbers of spraying gun

Type of spraying gun□ Rotating head (standard) □ Pointed head
Working direction□ Left to Right (standard) □ Right to left
Repeatability (mm)±0.05 
Working area (mm)X=550;  Y=550 
Processing power (kw)0.5 / 1
Single processing width(mm)Rotating head 50 / Pointed head 8-10

Effective processing height


Max Processing speed (mm/s)800 
Plasma length (mm)20
Input air pressure alarmMenu + sound and light alarm
Power supply220 V 50-60 Hz
Required Air pressure (kg/cm2)
Type of gas supply Compressed air or nitrogen
Rated power (kw)2
Safety standardsCE

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