Application The most professional brand service
Application The most professional brand service

VP-10L Inline Vacuum Plasma Treatment System

Product features:

1.  Adjustable - use electric amplitude modulation for the conveying mechanism, and the width can be adjusted arbitrarily;

2.  Inline conveying system - used for communicating with front and rear equipment;

3.  Aluminum alloy - the vacuum chamber;

4.  Ultra low temperature - the temperature is as low as 40 ℃;

5.  Omnidirectional surface cleaning - different plasma can enter the ultra-fine slit for cleaning;

6.  Environmental protection - no harmful substances are produced before and after treatment, and keep away from the harmful solvents to human body;

7.  Stability -  continuity and constancy to maintain the stability of machinery and equipment during operation;

8.  Cleaning - remove dust and oil, fine cleaning and static electricity;

9.  Excitation - improve the adhesion ability of the surface and greatly increase the surface energy of the object;

10. Platy stripping - AF / AS layer platy stripping.

Product advantage:

technical specifications:
Function configurationTechnical parameter


ControlProgrammable controller(PLC)

Time to achieve 

vacuum time (s)


Applicable dimension 

of product (mm)

Width ≤ 350, length ≤ 370, height ≤ 18 
Conveyor height (mm)900±20 
Conveyor direction□ Left → right (standard) □ Right → left
Conveyor drive modeStepping motor
Power supplyThree phase 380V
Rated power (kw)3.5 
Industrial gasOxygen, nitrogen and argon
Communication protocolSMEMA 

Time to release 

vacuum  time (s)

≤ 5
Conveyor modeBelt conveyor + cylinder conveyor

Require Air pressure


Display10 inch touch screen

Radio frequency 

power supply (w)

0-500 (adjustable in range)0-1000 (adjustable in range)

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